Monday, January 11, 2010


Okay, so I realize it’s the second week of January and I’m just now talking about resolutions. But hey, I didn’t start my blog until after the New Year, and who says you have to implement change on January 1st? I also don’t normally write down resolutions and try to go by them. So, why am I even discussing resolutions?

Well, I do like the idea of a new year, a fresh start, an opportunity to begin again. Also since I am trying to make a definite change in some areas of my life, what better time to really think about those changes.

The ladies at Blissfully Domestic have outlined some great challenges and I have to say I would love to check off each one. Who doesn’t need to improve in the areas of organization, fitness, and faith? I do think my main area of improvement needs to be in my time with God and His Word. I don’t currently have a time mapped out in my day to sit down and complete my Bible study. I try to make it a priority, but it sometimes gets pushed to the side. While I am not a morning person – at all – I am going to try and get up earlier (did I just write that!) and spend that time with my Lord. I have no doubt making this change will implement positive change throughout my day.

Is it going to be easy? NOT AT ALL. When I say I’m not a morning person, I’m not sure you really understand. I always thought that children would make me a morning person. They didn’t.

In our small group we are currently studying Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. It has been eye-opening and I have been convicted about my Bible intake. Hence, my official New Year’s resolution is to wake up most mornings (listen, I know what I can and can’t do) before the rest of my family and dive into His Word. Have I mentioned that all of the other members of my family are early risers and that I am not?

Okay, there you have it. While this doesn’t seem like a SIMPLE change (isn’t that word in the title of my blog), it is a needed one.

Do you feel led to make this change as well? I would love to hear what some of your changes are going to be this year.


  1. oh marianna, i agree that this is not a simple change! but this is definitely a change that adam and i have been working on too. its especially hard right now because one of the times that i can actually sleep well is from like 5-7am. but i can't very well do that if we want to make this change! i mean really, can i fool myself into thinking that it will be any easier when our little bella joy arrives!? NOPE!

  2. Well, Marianna - first I want to tell you that this has been a great blog so far. You go, girl! Now as to this simple change, I emplore you to keep it simple. What I mean is don't think you have to do a full blown Bible Study at this time. I know if you are in a Bible Study that requires homework to be done to share the next time you get together with your group that you want to get it done whenever, however you can, but....this comes from one who has tried THAT....instead wake up as a child talking to a parent. Say hello to your Father God, then have a short and sweet devotional that has a scripture verse in it to read right beside your bed (mine right now is Living God's Dream for You by Julie Clinton - but I also have a weekly devotion - Miracles by Karen Kingsbury and I have previously used Believing God by Beth Moore - so there are many out there that fit the bill). I read the devotion, look it up in the Bible to read the verse and the book and chapter it's in, and then I'm on my knees for prayer time with God. There's something precious about getting down on my knees before God to start the day. David and I also have prayer time with each other before we head out the door - whether we are going separately or together. All of this has just been something that I started a few years ago, and added the pieces to during the last year. On the way to work I leave the radio off for more "talking and listening" or turn on praise music or listen to "Focus on the Family" all of which offer more time for connection. And if I'm feeling very adventurous, I have a memory verse in the car that I am working on. Now all that may not sound simple, but the goal is - to stay focused on God - so I say if any of it works for you, do it, otherwise, just do what works and be glad in that. Don't beat yourself up if you miss out or mess up - just start over the next day - or on the ride home and before bed!

  3. Emily, I have to say it would be very difficult to even think about getting up early while pregnant and then having a newborn. When the boys came home, the last thing I was thinking about was an early morning quiet time. Best wishes as you guys try to map out a time for Him.

    Theresa, Oh I'm not planning on doing a major Bible Study like Beth Moore or anything. I am doing a daily devotion that our church is doing and then our short reading for small group. I am truly intending the time to be reading scripture and listening to God. I like your pointers!

  4. Good for you! After the birth of our first child, a son, that is now 33 years old, I decided if I was ever going to have a quiet time again, it would have to be early morning. That commitment has stayed with me to this day. I grab a cup of coffee, head to my comfy chair and have my "time with the Lord." You will so enjoy this once you get in the habit. It will be such a special time and get your day started off just right. Blessings to you!