Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days

We had the pleasure of experiencing our first official “snow days” yesterday and today. While it would have been my first inclination to continue my laundry, cleaning and paperwork, I decided to spend the days really engaging the boys. I have to admit I don’t always do that. Since they are so close in age, they play well together - when they aren’t fighting, ha! – allowing me to let them play independently.

We, of course, played outside in the snow, made forts with furniture and blankets, played army men, board games, and my personal favorite…acted out action scenes from a Spiderman cartoon. They amazed me how creative they have become. I would not have noticed this had I gone along with my chores.

Did I get a little behind? Yes.

Does it matter? No.

Did I always feel that way? Sadly, no.

I am determined to not miss out on this precious time any longer.

Today, I’m thankful for snow days. Do you have any snow day traditions?


  1. I am so sad that we didn't get our predicted snow! everyone else seems to have gotten some. I am jealous!

    as for snow day traditions.. playing out with the dogs is a must and then coming in and turning on the fireplace and making some hot cocoa is heaven on earth

  2. Sorry you didn't get your snow. That is always a disappointment! We only got 2 inches, but at least it was enough to get them out of school and it covered the ground.

    Hope you get at least one good snow this winter!

  3. The only snow tradition we have is the drinking of Hot Chocolate when the kids come in! We've only got a small ammount of snow too.

  4. That is a great lesson to learn. Wish I'd always thought that way too. At least we're learning huh?
    Snow day traditions...since I'm in the deep south and snow is something we only see in books, movies, and pictures from friends we really have none. However we've had more snow in this past year than I remember in the past 15 years prior. Woohoo! Kids had snowball wars and there was lots of hot chocolate consumed. Thanking the Lord for the experience of snow! Even just a little!

  5. They're only little for a little while! Isn't it ironic that we only figure that out when we see how big they've gotten?? I'm trying my hardest to slow down and focus, too. Here's to another fun snow day tomorrow!

  6. Stopping over for "coffee". . .it's great that you had that time to spend with your boys!! It's so amazing how fast they grow and change, huh? No traditions here. . .just sometimes enjoy having them home for no reason. I am blessed to be able to be here for that.